Our group is closely involved in research and management working towards a Predator Free New Zealand. We published the first article appraising an aspirational Predator Free New Zealand, and work closely with all agencies involved in Predator Free New Zealand, including the Department of Conservation, Predator Free 2050 Ltd, Zero Invasive Predators, Predator Free New Zealand Trust, and the National Science Challenge for Biological Heritage, as well as international partners such as Island Conservation.

Ongoing work within our group addresses the biological, technical and social challenges in achieving a Predator Free New Zealand by undertaking trans-disciplinary research across the natural and social sciences. In collaboration with the Department of Conservation in 2017 we undertook a social impact assessment for Predator Free Rakiura (Stewart Island) and in 2019 we undertook population biology studies for Pest Free Auckland Island (Maukahka).

Alumni from the research group have gone on to take important roles in these organisations.