James Russell

Professor James Russell, School of Biological Sciences and Department of Statistics. Google Scholar



Research Fellows:

David Ringler

Dr David Ringler, Tetiaroa Society



Graduate students:

Markus Gronwald

Markus Gronwald, School of Biological Sciences



Zachary Carter

Zachary Carter, School of Biological Sciences



Tess O'Malley

Tess O’Malley, School of Biological Sciences



Michael Fox, School of Biological Sciences



Sze Wing Yiu, School of Biological Sciences



Tilde Sorensen, School of Biological Sciences




Florian Pichlmuller

Dr Florian Pichlmueller, University of Auckland



Rebecca Zhang, Stats NZ



Tom Bodey

Dr Tom Bodey, University of Aberdeen



Araceli Samaniego-Herrera

Dr Araceli Samaniego, Manaaki Whenua



Hayley Alena

Hayley Alena, University of Auckland



Kate Heaphy

Kate Heaphy, Boffa-Miskell



Karen Bourgeois

Dr Karen Bourgeois, L’Institut de recherche pour le développement



Helen Nathan

Dr Helen Nathan, Zero Invasive Predators



Lea Solpmann

Lea Stolpmann, University of Glasgow



Jemma Welch

Jemma Welch, Department of Conservation



Jo Aley

Jo Aley, Department of Conservation



Hannah Binnie

Hannah Binnie, Colmar Brunton



Kat Reynolds

Kat Reynolds, Department of Conservation



Robyn Kannemeyer

Robyn Kannemeyer, Manaaki Whenua



Alysha Bagasra

Alysha Bagasra, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade