Recent coverage in the media:

27 Jun 2023 BBC: New Zealand seeks to exterminate predators to save native birds

25 May 2023 bFM: The Wire

8 May 2023 NZ Herald: Big roadblocks to NZ’s bid to be rodent-free

19 Apr 2023 NY Times: Contest for children to hunt feral cats Is scrapped in New Zealand

28 Nov 2022 NZ Herald: Mission possible: How to purge pests from NZ’s biggest subantarctic island

17 Oct 2022 NZ HeraldGenetic modification in New Zealand: Scientists call for 20-year rethink

5 Sep 2022 NewstalkZB: Auckland University conservation biologist says he’s optimistic Predator Free 2050 goal will be reached

5 Sep 2022 NZ Herald: Pest Purge: Is this how we finally rid NZ of pesky predators?

25 Aug 2022 bFM: The Wire

24 Aug 2022 Anthropocene: The war on island invaders is more successful than you might think

17 Aug 2022 The Guardian: New Zealand leads world in island pest eradication, study finds

12 Aug 2022 Business Desk: NZ leads the world in clearing islands of animal predators

12 Aug 2022 RadioNZ: NZ responsible for nearly 1/4 of island pest eradications

11 Aug 2022 Stuff: New Zealand leads the world in island pest eradication, study finds

11 Aug 2022 Cosmos: Good and bad news: eradication of pests on islands is working – New Zealand and Australia lead the way

11 Aug 2022 Today FM: How is New Zealand tracking in terms of pest eradication

11 Aug 2022 Newshub: Study finds Aotearoa is world leader in pest eradication, expert praises ‘number eight wire’ approach

11 Aug 2022 TVNZ: New Zealand world leader in pest eradication – study

10 Aug 2022 The Guardian: Driving out invasive species on islands has high success rate and big benefits – study

10 Aug 2022 TVNZ: NZ leading world in eradications

15 Apr 2022 RadioNZ: Birds killed by avian botulism spread through hot Auckland summer

1 Feb 2022 Scientific American: Track New Zealand’s bid to take back nature

16 Nov 2021 TVNZ: Bird enthusiast spots rare bellbird in Auckland

11 Aug 2021 TVNZ: New housing development near Auckland only accepts humans

11 Jun 2021 RadioNZ: Northern muttonbird slowly returning to onshore nesting sites

1 Jun 2021 TVNZ: Is Aotearoa on track to be predator free by 2050?

1 Feb 2021 NZ Herald: NZ’s predator-free dream on path to failure without new tech

9 Oct 2020 BBC: The rats evicted from paradise

8 Jul 2020 NZ Herald: DNA breakthroughs bad news for NZ’s stoats and rats

7 Jul 2020 PFNZ: Lockdown project reveals abundance of backyard birds

28 Jun 2020 Stuff: Maukahuka Pest Free Auckland Island halted until funding is secured

23 Jun 2020 BBC: The sting in the tail

1 May 2020 NZ Geographic: Decoding enemy secrets

24 Apr 2020 RadioNZ: Survey to stocktake biodiversity in cities starts today

3 Apr 2020 RadioNZ: Pest and predator control on hold

3 Apr 2020 Stuff: Prolonged coronavirus lockdown will lead to rise in pests and predators – experts

9 Mar 2020 Newshub: Government unveils Predator Free 2050 plan

9 Mar 2020 NewstalkZB: Government launches Predator Free 2050 strategy

9 Mar 2020 The Spinoff: Is the Predator Free 2050 goal actually possible?

9 Mar 2020 Newsroom: Predator-free goal needs bolder message

9 Mar 2020 NZ Herald: NZ’s great pest-free quest: can we get there?

9 Mar 2020 SMC: Predator Free 2050 strategy

21 Jan 2020 NewstalkZB: Why tiny mice pose a big headache for NZ’s war on pests

20 Jan 2020 NZ Herald: Why tiny mice pose a big headache for NZ’s war on pests

15 Jan 2020 The Guardian: Relocating koalas to New Zealand is a nice idea, but it isn’t a good one

14 Jan 2020 E360: Native species or invasive? The distinction blurs as the world warms

14 Jan 2020 Newsroom: Importing Australia’s chlamydia bears

13 Jan 2020 TVNZ: Idea of introducing koalas in NZ after bushfires ‘rings alarm bells’ for conservationist

1 Jan 2020 NZ Geographic: The ethics of killing

27 Dec 2019 Otago Daily Times: Rat and mouse numbers concern

23 Dec 2019 Filling Space: How does synthetic biology affect sustainability?

16 Dec 2019 Stuff: Starving rats and mice prey on birds and reptiles after mega-mast food runs out

22 Nov 2019 Newsroom: What killed the Westport rats?

14 Nov 2019 The Guardian: The dawn chorus that heralds fresh hope for New Zealand’s wildlife

8 Nov 2019 RadioNZ: Bird of the year voting drawing to a close

13 Aug 2019 Hakai: The rat spill

13 Jun 2019 Mongabay: Predator-free by 2050? High-tech hopes for New Zealand’s big conservation dream

3 Jun 2019 NZ Herald: Taranaki’s great pest purge gives hope for NZ’s 2050 mission

2 Jun 2019 NZ Herald: Taonga under threat: The six reasons our seabirds face extinction

31 May 2019 Stuff: New Zealand’s North Island sea bird population in ‘serious decline’

31 May 2019 NZ Herald: Up to 90% of northern seabird populations at risk of extinction

31 May 2019 TVNZ: Up to 90% of northern New Zealand seabirds at risk of extinction, report reveals

20 May 2019 Stuff: Kiwis must change to achieve predator-free New Zealand, report warns

20 May 2019 TVNZ: New study suggests Predator Free 2050 goal is fraught with obstacles

20 May 2019 RadioNZ: Behaviour change needed to make NZ Predator free

20 May 2019 RadioNZ: Petrels & Icelandic woman at war

20 May 2019 RadioNZ: Predator-free NZ goal under threat – report

20 May 2019 RadioNZ: Warning predator free goal faces ‘conflicts’ and uncertainty

20 May 2019 NZ Herald: Why public buy-in is critical to NZ’s great pest wipe-out

20 May 2019 Breakfast: Can we achieve Predator Free 2050?

9 May 2019 Wanaka Sun: Extinction rebels with a cause

7 May 2019 Newshub: One million species at ‘imminent’ risk of extinction due to humans – UN report

7 May 2019 RadioNZ: Nature in dire straits

7 May 2019 Stuff: A million species are threatened with extinction, and the rates are accelerating

7 May 2019 Breakfast: Damning global report on biodiversity

6 May 2019 Local Matters: Kawau plays key role in global study

5 Apr 2019 RadioNZ: NZ among the best places for endangered species in the world

2 Apr 2019 Northland Age: Northland’s Motukawanui Island may be a species saver: Researchers

31 Mar 2019 Foreign Policy: How Alberta won the rat race

28 Mar 2019 NZ Herald: Great Barrier among ‘arks’ to save world’s most threatened species

27 Mar 2019 Atlas Obscura: How alarming is it that islands are just disappearing?

10 Mar 2019 NZ Herald: Predator Free 2050: New call to discuss gene technology in war on pests

16 Feb 2019 ABC: The Chase 3 – Trouble in paradise

9 Feb 2019 NZ Herald: What these creatures are telling us about climate change in NZ

30 Jan 2019 NZ Herald: Death from above: Kiwi drones helping save island

9 Jan 2019 Newshub: Department of Conservation plans biggest-ever 1080 drop

9 Jan 2019 RadioNZ: SPCA wants humane alternatives to 1080 poison for pest control

10 Oct 2018 Hakai: The rats are dead. Long live the rats

26 Sep 2018 The Atlantic: When conservationists kill lots (and lots) of animals

18 Sep 2018 bFM: Green Desk

18 Sep 2018 RadioNZ: Pre-panel & one quick question

14 Sep 2018 RadioNZ: 1080 explained

13 Sep 2018 RadioNZ: 1080: temporary halt to Hunua drop

10 Sep 2018 Newshub: 1080 dump puts human health at risk, lawyer argues

5 Sep 2018 NZ Herald: Q&A: Experts share the real facts on 1080

1 Sep 2018 The Fringe: Oi return to Titirangi

20 Aug 2018 Wilderness: NZ could be possum-free by 2030

29 Jul 2018 NZ Herald: One-two 1080 punch promising weapon in war on pests

28 Jul 2018 Stuff: People with selfie sticks are harming endangered yellow-eyed penguins

24 Jul 2018 Stuff: Mother who lived in rat-infested house with three kids awarded $3000 compensation

24 Jul 2018 bFM: Ready, Steady, Learn

16 Jul 2018 NZ Herald: Researchers air criticisms of NZ’s 2050 pest wipe-out mission

3 Jun 2018 NZ Herald: The Kiwis behind the world’s biggest rodent eradication

2 Jun 2018 NZ Herald: Can New Zealand really kill every rat, possum and stoat?

31 May 2018 Newsroom: Predator Free NZ closer to reality

13 May 2018 NewstalkZB: Conservation expert wants politicians to ‘put their money where their mouth is’

8 May 2018 Science: Rat begone: Record eradication effort rids sub-Antarctic island of invasive rodents

1 May 2018 BBC: Newsday

22 Mar 2018 Earther: New Zealand just exterminated 200,000 mice from a single island

27 Jan 2018 North & South: Catastrophe: Is NZ’s debate about feral cat control too political?

20 Jan 2018 Stuff: Should we learn to live with introduced species rather than wipe them out completely?

17 Jan 2018 Piauí: Estranhos no paraíso

6 Dec 2017 Stuff: Auckland’s war on rats is looking positive, experts say

6 Dec 2017 TVNZ: NZ playing key role in US military’s research into controlling rats

5 Dec 2017 NewstalkZB: US military investing millions in NZ pest control

4 Dec 2017 NZ Herald: What happened when one expert killer was visited by the US military’s science agency

4 Dec 2017 NZ Herald: Consortium eyes NZ islands for genetic trials on pests

17 Nov 2017 SMC: Caution urged over gene drives for conservation

16 Nov 2017 The Atlantic: New Zealand’s war on rats could change the world

14 Nov 2017 bioGraphic: Eradication nation

20 Oct 2017 AA Directions: Defending our free land

22 Sep 2017 BBC: Should we kill one species to save another?

21 Sep 2017 RadioNZ: The ethics of predator control

19 Sep 2017 NZ Herald: Predator-free NZ’s tricky ethical issues

11 Sep 2017 North & South: Brace for impact

2 Sep 2017 Geographical: Radical Eradication: wiping out New Zealand’s predators

1 Sep 2017 BBC Wildlife: Beyond the headlines

24 Aug 2017 Newsroom: A predator-free NZ our latest obsession

10 Jul 2017 Science: New Zealand aims to eradicate invasive predators, but winning public support may be big challenge

10 Jul 2017 BBC: Reporting Scotland

10 Jul 2017 BBC: Good Morning Scotland

30 Jun 2017 SmithsonianThis beautiful species could be trouble for native birds

14 Jun 2017 TV3: The Project

13 Jun 2017 Stuff: The world’s top 15 alien species New Zealand is trying to keep out

4 Jun 2017 RadioLive: Environews

1 Jun 2017 TVNZ: Breakfast

31 May 2017 SMC: Native birds in dire straits

14 May 2017 TRT WorldNew Zealand’s radical plan to make the country predator-free

12 May 2017 The Telegraph: New Zealand’s ambitious plan to save birds: kill every rat

24 Apr 2017 North Harbour News: Involving residents to bring back birds and get rid of predators on Herald Island

2 Mar 2017 Singularity Hub: Natural selection is about to be overpowered by the first-ever mammalian gene drive

1 Feb 2017 New ScientistThe great extermination: How New Zealand will end alien species

25 Jan 2017 NZ Herald: Predator-free NZ: The seven big questions

24 Jan 2017 ABC: Climate change now driving New Zealand’s Battle for the Birds

18 Jan 2017 SMC: Predator Free NZ: what will it take to achieve our own ‘moonshot’

12 Jan 2017 Nature: Behind New Zealand’s wild plan to purge all pests

11 Jan 2017 NZ Herald: Summer Science: The battle for our islands

5 Dec 2016 The Listener: The natural born killers lurking in our forests

27 Oct 2016 Vice: These mammals must die

27 Oct 2016 NZ Herald: Kiwis take research to Brando’s paradise

14 Oct 2016 La Dépêche: Tetiaroa lutte contre des rats

3 Oct 2016 NZ Herald: Tread carefully with GE pest control, Govt warned

26 Sep 2016 CCTV: New Zealand gov’t aims to make country predator-free by 2050

26 Sep 2016 NZ Herald: Wellington to be ‘world’s first pest-free capital’

9 Sep 2016 North & South: Weasel Words: pesky critics cast doubts over two flagship environmental policies.

29 Aug 2016 Wanganui Chronicle: Will public buy into pest purge?

17 Aug 2016 NZ Herald: High-tech tool could boost bid to make New Zealand predator-free

16 Aug 2016 Stuff: North Shore community sets pest-free goal in ‘landmark’ environmental strategy

8 Aug 2016 Stuff: Predator free New Zealand by 2050: will it work?

4 Aug 2016 RadioNZ: A conservation summit on Predator Free NZ 2050

2 Aug 2016 NZ Herald: Giant leap to pest-free NZ is attainable

27 Jul 2016 Science Alert: New Zealand says it will wipe out every invasive predator by 2050

27 Jul 2016 NewsHub: How NZ’s pest cull will change the ecosystem

26 Jul 2016 Science: New Zealand’s ‘mind-blowing’ goal: Rat-free by 2050

26 Jul 2016 bFM: Dr James Russell on a predator-free NZ

26 Jul 2016 NZ HeraldScientists fret about long-term support for pest programme

25 Jul 2016 NY Times: The end of the rat race? New Zealand aims to become rat free

25 Jul 2016 Washington Post: New Zealand vows to kill every weasel, rat and feral cat on its soil

25 Jul 2016 NewstalkZB: Govt announce plan to make NZ pest-free by 2050

20 Jun 2016 RadioNZ: Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

13 Jun 2016 Stuff: What’s next in controlling predators?

6 Jun 2016 North Shore Times: Rats targeted to save environment

1 Jun 2016 The Fringe: Meet the ‘hoopy bird’

14 May 2016 NZ Herald: Meet NZ’s extreme scientists

2 May 2016 Stuff: Mice-eradication programme about to begin on the subantarctic Antipodes Island

25 Apr 2016 NZ Herald: Call for care of quirky seabirds

2 Apr 2016 RadioLIVE: NZ pest eradication legacy

24 Mar 2016 bFM: Ready, Steady, Learn

22 Mar 2016 RadioNZ: New Zealand leads world in island conservation

22 Mar 2016 ODT: Wiping out pests on islands crucial

22 Mar 2016 NewsHub: NZ a world leader in pest eradication techniques

9 Mar 2016 Sciblogs: Big South Cape: an invasion, a rescue and an eradication

4 Mar 2016 ICMBio: ICMBio promove palestra sobre espécies invasoras

4 Feb 2016 New Yorker: The last of the Channel Island turkeys

21 Dec 2015 RadioNZ: NZ’s biodiversity going backwards

21 Dec 2015 RadioNZ: Call for DOC funding boost

5 Dec 2015 The Economist: Day of the triffids

5 Nov 2015 ACAP: Tropical Shearwater found breeding for the first time on Desroches Atoll, Seychelles – in the presence of rats

26 Oct 2015 NZ Herald: Save Kiwi Month: The ultimate kiwi savers

26 Oct 2015 NZ Herald: Why New Zealand is losing the kiwi

24 Oct 2015 Today in Seychelles: Eradicating rats: possible for Seychelles?

10 Oct 2015 North & South: Scene of a crime

17 Sep 2015 NZ Herald: Five clever ideas to beat our pests

7 Sep 2015 Frontiers in Ecology & Environment: Dispatches

21 Aug 2015 NZ Herald: Auckland is a biodiversity paradise

4 Aug 2015 RadioNZ: Biosecurity needs tightening

8 Jul 2015 bFM: Ready, Steady, Learn

3 Jun 2015 M$M: Winter in the Subantarctic – a film by James Russell

20 Apr 2015 M$M: What about the mice on Auckland Island?

28 Mar 2015 RadioLIVE: DoC’s commercial partnerships

27 Mar 2015 NZ Herald: Auckland Islands pigs draw scientists’ interest

26 Mar 2015 RadioNZ: ‘Team Rat’ completes world’s largest island eradication

26 Mar 2015 RadioNZ: ‘Team Rat’ makes last drop

25 Mar 2015 NewstalkZB: Conservationists research better funding

23 Mar 2015 CarbonNews: Nine billion reasons to get rid of our forest pests

19 Mar 2015 NZ Herald: Shortage in skilled workers creating more jobs than candidates

16 Mar 2015 NewsTalkZB: Price to make New Zealand predator-free revealed

11 Feb 2015 WhaleOil: How big were those mice?

11 Feb 2015 NZ Herald: Mice take over island in months

28 Jan 2015 ZY: Let ’em sink

27 Jan 2015 M$M: The impact of mice on invertebrates – Antipodes Island

22 Dec 2014 New Yorker: The big kill

16 Dec 2014 Gisborne Herald: ‘Particular enthusiasm’ for islands led to expedition